Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts 2 Episode 2

This week, the Quickfire Challenge involved creating a fabulous and unique lemon dessert for guest judge, pastry guru Margaret Braun. Matthew wowed her with a relatively simple lemon cake, which gave him the Quickfire win and immunity in the Elimination Challenge.

While the QF seemed simple, the Elimination Challenge was far more complicated. The pastrycheftestants had to work in teams to produce a cake large enough to feed 150 people, based on the architecture and events held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Team Red = Matthew, Chris, Megan, and Melissa
Team Green = Carlos, Rebecca, and Sally
Team Black = Orlando, Nelson, and Craig
Team Blue = Amanda, Katzie, and Vanarin

Time was short, so we weren't going to see anything worthy of Food Network Challenge. Still, I didn't expect cakes to be so...ugly. I'm sure the judges (which included Hubert Keller again this week) didn't either. Team Blue's cake, for example, was pretty nightmarish, with it's preponderance of glitter and one particularly hideous layer made by Vanarin. The three cakes-within-the-cake got mixed reactions as far as flavor.

Team Black's cake was falling apart, and the three layers weren't at all cohesive. Craig's in particular was amateurish. The flavors in their cakes were pretty good though. Team Red, which had four members, got the best reaction. Their cake was not only attractive, but also all four layers were delicious. And finally, Team Green fared well looks-wise, but the cakes weren't all successful.

The team with four members once again is the strongest, with Team Red taking the win this week. Vanarin was sent home for his scary layer.

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