Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts 2.2

Eater on Orlando: "Orlando ends up at the bottom of the Quickfire and didn't seem to understand what Margaret was getting at when she said she 'personally didn't like it.' Instead he goes off into the confessional booth to say that Margaret needs to leave her 'personal shit' at home and judge professionally. Here's what we heard Margaret say: 'Orlando, look, I know you are a bitch in the kitchen, really I do, but, honey, that shit sucked ass. Lemon and chocolate? Really? Lame. I don't want to ride you too hard about your dessert in front of the others, so I'm gonna temper what I say by using the word "personally."'"

TWOP on cliches: "Orlando chooses Craig and interviews that he's staying away from Melissa because, during the last challenge, she 'drove the bus over one of her teammates.' What? Did you just see that? What he did? It's like he took lemons and made a tired cliché new again. Because, who cares about being thrown under a bus when there's some crazy asshole out there who will purposefully just drive the damn bus over your ass?"

Picktainment on Teams and Cakes: "The Red Team (Matthew, Chris, Megan, Melissa) is headed for simple architecture, clean lines, and good flavor. The Blue Team (Amanda, Katzie, Vanarin) is going to marry science and art and make musical instruments. Or something. The Black Team (Orlando, Nelson, Craig) has Nelson who actually studied architecture and Craig who is still a bit off but Orlando picked him because he wanted Melissa less. Not sure what they’re up to yet, but there will be a lot of architecture from Nelson. The Green Team (Carlos, Sally, Rebecca) is clearly being led by Carlos who has a lot of ideas for bike gears and The Twilight Zone."

Culture Mob on technical difficulties: "The chefs then transport their cakes to the concert hall, and start to set up outside. Immediately, problems start and not the fun, fixable ones. Essentially, it’s too hot to serve cakes outside, and the heat is ruining all the chefs’ work. This kind of thing irritates me. The producers should know better; I feel like there’s a difference between setting up a challenge for professionals and setting up unsurmountable obstacles that they have no control over. Like the sun."

Chron.com on Vanarin's chocolate sculptures: "If those instruments made noise, it would be 'womp-womp.'"

After Elton on the losing cakes: "Between the Black and Blue Team, the Blue Team looked the worst. It looked like the cake was starting to eat itself and then imploded. Although the Black Team had more of a problem with a unifying theme and working as a team (Orlando took a bitchy jab at Craig calling him the 'nitwit of the team' which only reinforced Craig's earlier interview where he talked about being picked on because he was an odd child) it was the Blue Team that failed miserably. The cake looked hellacious and, according to the judges, was lackluster in flavor."

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