Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts 2 Episode 3

This week, our pastrycheftestants were visited by Bravolebrities. First, Top Chef Master competitor Hugh Acheson joined Gail for the Quickfire Challenge, in which the chefs had to create desserts to inspire a new flavor of Extra gum. The winner of this challenge would get immunity, plus a cool $25K.

All of the desserts were absolutely adorable, since they had to fit on tiny doll-sized plates. It was pretty amazing to see how creative the chefs could be on such a small scale. After tasting, Hugh determined that his favorite was Craig's lemon pancakes with strawberries - much to everyone's surprise, including Craig.

As winner of the challenge (and the money!), Craig was able to choose two team captains for the next challenge. After appointing himself and Amanda, they chose teams:

Team Craig: Sally, Matthew, Orlando, Nelson, and Rebecca.
Team Amanda: Chris, Carlos, Megan, Katie, and Melissa

The challenge was to create a dessert table for the second anniversary celebration of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, Villa Blanca. Her husband, Ken, and their wee doggie came out to present the challenge. Ken told the pastrycheftestants that Lisa loves pink, and the chefs went crazy with that theme. Both teams turned out tables full of pink desserts and pink flowers and pink everything. It all looked a bit like Barbie and Hello Kitty were duking it out. Or puking it out.

The guests arrive to taste the food. In addition to Gail, Johnny, Hugh, and Hubert Keller, we had Lisa Vanderpump, her husband, dog, and daughter, and two other Housewives of Beverly Hills - one of the annoying sisters, and the one with the huge fish lips.

The desserts seemed to go over pretty well, for the most part, but the decor is what won the contest for Team Amanda. Team Craig's table was too little girl-ish, and too cluttered, causing Hugh to remark that it looked like something that could be on a show called "Dessert Hoarders." Craig had made lemonade for his "dish," which would have gotten him eliminated if it weren't for his immunity. Instead, Nelson got the boot for his pink cheesecake lolly with a cotton candy garnish.

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Anonymous said...

OK - double cheesiness. Mega commercial placement challenge in the quickfire and then the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Really? I guess this was filmed before the suicide of one of the characters on that show. Jeez. This show has taken a big slide back in gravitas. Where's Tom C. when you need him?

Beth said...

Gum??? Really, gum??? \

And then those skanky reality freaks???

This show has totally & officially jumped the shark...I feel sorry for the embarrassment the poor cheftestants must feel (though I guess $25K does soften the blow)

Anonymous said...

One could say, it's a reality show, what do you expect? But there is a range of tackiness and just plain mindnumbingness in these shows, and I hate to see the Top Chef franchise move so far over to that side of the spectrum. My fear was that the producers would water down the concept by coming up with all these spin-offs, and this season of Just Desserts, so far, is doing nothing to allay my fears. Same thing happened with Top Chef Masters. Too bad.