Friday, November 6, 2009

TC News & Information 11.6.09

Top Chef News & Information
Read an interview with Top Chef season 2 cheftestant Carlos Fernandez here.

The Washington Post had a live chat with Mike Isabella last week. His take on Padma: "The harshest judge there is Padma. It's her demeanor as a person. It's who she is! It's TV. She's harsh and rude." And on his early episode comments about women, "I was raised in a broken family by my mother and my sister so I have plenty of respect for women. It was sarcastic." You can read the transcript of the chat here.

And DC's NBC affiliate spoke with another local District of Columbia cheftestant, Carla Hall. That video can be found here.

John Legend will be performing live at Craftsteak after which Tom Colicchio will join him for an American Express sponsored Iconoclast-style event on December 9th. Grub Street has the details.

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