Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Reunion Dinner Special

This week on Top Chef Las Vegas...there was no Top Chef Las Vegas. Instead, we were treated to a reunion special, hosted by season five fan fave Fabio (say that three times fast). Personally, I loved it. But apparently I was the only one:

Jordan Baker sums up: "1. Dale Levitsky and Sara N from season three are roommates and have adorable dogs 2. Tiffani is either a bit more self reflective or at least has learned to appear more self reflective on camera. 3. Harold has gotten puffy, which makes me feel old since a) he used to be so hot and adorable, and b) he and I are the same age, if I recall correctly. 4. Marcel is still a dick5. Richard is still adorable.6. Stefan and Fabio are still awesome."

Minx Eats on Fabio's temper tantrum: "The chefs then decide they are tired of talking about Top Chef and what they went through. This incenses Fabio who stands up and demands the cameras be shut off. Which they aren't. So we get to see him yell at the group like an angry father, saying that eef they don' wan' to talk, they-a should pack up-a da food and leave because they-a make heem look-a stupid. And the cheftestants all laugh at him, making him look-a stupid."

Reality Check (Baltimore Sun) on who's missing: "Notice that the winners of seasons 4 and 5 are missing? Stephanie may be legitimately busy, but we're thinking Hosea may not have wanted to show his face before much more competent chefs."

Mama Pop on something I did not notice: "Representing the very first season were the winner and runner up Harold and Tiffani, who is now apparently Tiffany. Please tell me that I am not the only one who noticed that her name was spelled differently. I can't go on living if I am the only one who has reached this level of Top Chef dorkitude."

Slashfood on Marcel: "The Season Two pipsqueak with the loud mouth and Robert Pattinson-on-steroids hair dominated this so-called reunion, both in present tense and in lovingly edited montages. You want a replay of Marcel talking over the judges during his critique? You got it. Care to revisit the unsuccessful attempt by his housemates to pin him down and shave off his downy brown locks? We don't, if only because it didn't produce the desired result: Marcel crying like a bald-headed baby."

The Kitchn says Hootie-hoo: "The bright spot of the dinner party? Carla! It may have taken us a while to warm up to her in season 5, but now we can't get enough."

PB Pulse shares my show-crushes: "Richard is still a sweetheart, as is Dale. I love that Dale."


MCWolfe said...

Not the only one. I liked it too, even if we did get subjected to one Marcel clip too many. I would have loved to see Stephanie but am happy that Hosea didn't show. I never liked him and didn't think he could cook his way out of a paper bag.

But it was great to see Harold and Tiffani all lovey with each other and yes, that Dale is the cutest thing in the world (followed closely by Richard).

JordanBaker said...

I think my favorite thing is that I've heard on a couple of different occasions that not only are "that Dale" and Sarah roomies/BFFs, but the two of them and my beloved gigantic C.J. are working on a restaurant together. Season 3 is full of love.