Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Red Scarf

Everyone has noticed the red scarf that Mattin Noblia wears on Top Chef. Gallic fashion statement, or....? It's actually a very Basque tradition.

If you secretly love it and want one of your own, you can pick one up while enjoying dinner at his restaurant, Iluna Basque. The cost? A $2 donation to Pathways for Kids, a program to benefit San Francisco's inner-city youth. More information can be found here.

(Sorry, at this time the scarves are not available online. If you want to make a donation anyway, you may do so through the Pathways for Kids Web site.)


John said...

That makes sense with what I'm guessing is Noblia's Basque background. That's a good thing to donate money to the inner city youth program.

Frederick said...

Id love a scarf, but I want one that he has worn for a while. :)