Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ariane's Take, Season 6 Episode 1

Top Chef Season 5 competitor Ariane Duarte has graciously offered her views on Top Chef Las Vegas. Here's her first "live" blog post:

This is a talented bunch. Not the best looking, but they look ready to compete! I like the twist with the brothers.

Prizes already!? And look at where they live. I think Season 5 got ripped off with their living quarters. WTF?? Is that a pool with a slide and a hammock? LOL!!

Whats up with Preeti not knowing how to shuck a clam?? Robin got Las Vegs lucky picking the golden chip and getting immunity right off the bat. (I hope Lauren isnt watching.)

The elimination challenge has some serious cooking going on. I dont know who I am actually rooting for yet. I like Kevin. And Jennifer seems tough and talented.

I feel the pain of the first four on the bottom. Lord knows I know!!!!

Oh Jen, you should have unpacked:(

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Cliff O'Neill said...

Ariane! Love you! Was so good meeting you in Columbus on your trip through with the tour.

And I certainly learned never to judge someone by their performance in the first episode now!