Monday, August 24, 2009

TC News & Information

Top Chef News & InformationJennifer Zavala talks seitan with Drew Lazor of the Philadelphia City Paper.

Procrastiblog uses super mathy skills to analyze Top Chef.

Winning certainly is good for business. Apparently one has to wait until November to get a table at Rick Bayless' Topolobampo. For those diners lucky enough to have a reservation during the next month, Chef Bayless' winning meal is available as a $90 prix fixe dinner.

The Detroit News has a short interview with Ann Arbor chef Eve Aronoff.

Did anyone else catch season 4's Mark Simmons as a sous to chef Brad Farmerie of Public restaurant on Iron Chef last night?


Anonymous said...

YES! I was going crazy until I figured it out who "Mark" was - crazy... i liked him on TC so was glad to see him on IC

Kristine said...

I did. His hair's a bit shorter. What't the TC on ICA count now? Blais, Ariane, Mark, Tre...

Kristine said...

PS-Now I'm convinced Jennifer Z. was the right one to go. I've read three different excuses for why she thinks she got kicked off. One was she didn't plate it well or explain it properly. I forget the other, but here she says the grill wasn't hot enough. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when the judges said there wasn't enough "heat," weren't they talking "spicy heat," not temperature heat? And I saw her pick up habeneros in the clip. She didn't use those??? I'm really confused.

theminx said...

I'm pretty sure they meant spicy heat - didn't they complain it was bland?

And...I wouldn't be surprised if everything the judges tasted was stone cold.