Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the Bravo Blogs

Now that Top Chef Las Vegas has started for real, the Bravo blogging has, too, with behind-the-judging commentary and revelations about who-knows-whom in the world of Top Chef contestants:
  • Tom Colicchio writes about Preeti's clam debacle, Jen's "underwhelming" chile relleno, and Kevin's Wolfgang Puck and his apparently awesome sense of humor

  • Jamie Lauren opines on the tats, the brothers (she knows them), Mike Isabella and his misogyny, and, of course, the food

  • Richard Blais reminisces about what it's like to be a brand new Top Chef contestant and on his Atlanta contestant connections (Eli Kirstein was the best man at his wedding - that's serious)

  • Gail Simmons discusses vices (hers are blackjack and a G&T) and the impressive overall skills of this season's competitors

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