Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TC: Where Are They Now?

Bravo has this photo gallery up purporting to tell you "where every chef, from every season, works." It's a fun trip down memory lane. But it ain't quite all that.

Despite the 61 pages on Bravo's site, not all of the Top Chef contestants are included. And some of the info is not current. In many instances, the only "where they are now" info Bravo lists is twitter, facebook, and website contact info. Which is fine. Just don't assume that if that's the only info listed, these cheftestants aren't actually working in a restaurant right now, or hard at work on their next new project.

We're always happy to receive - and share - updates on any of the Top Chef contestants. Add a comment or email us at alltopchef@gmail.com. 

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