Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Episode Eight Previews

Internationally-acclaimed designer Isaac Mizrahi serves as guest judge for this Quickfire challenge, where – for the first time in Top Chef history – the Quickfire will be judged on presentation only rather than taste. Then for the Elimination Round, the All-Stars must prepare a traditional three-course Italian meal in one of NYC's most famous and exclusive restaurants, Rao's. The Soprano’s Lorraine Bracco returns to lend her knowledge on all things authentic Italian – but will the All-Stars earn her seal of approval? Find out tonight 2/2 @ 10/9c on Top Chef All-Stars.


Jeni said...

um... I hate to point out mistakes, but this isn't the first time a Quickfire has been based only on presentation. In Season 1, the contestants had to make a fruit platter. The judge didn't taste any of the fruit, just looked at the different designs and declared a winner (Stephen). Did she taste something and I missed it? Am I not remembering that challenge correctly?

Anyway, I'll see tonight's show when I get home from work. Can't wait!

theminx said...

Well, that's what the promo info said. If you have a better memory than Bravo, congratulations!

Jeni said...

I wouldn't say that I have a better memory than Bravo, just that Bravo likes to claim that something is THE FIRST TIME EV-ER! I may be mistaken about that challenge, who knows? :)