Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef All Stars Episode 10

Jordan Baker on appropriateness: "Blais is one of those people who is MADE to interact with Muppets. He's so perfect at it, and he looks right for the job. He should have a permanent cooking segment on Sesame Street -- he can open a restaurant in Hooper's old storefront."

Grub Street on being judgemental: "The Muppets provided commentary while the chefs cooked, though none of their remarks — even Elmo's thyme joke — were as good as Dale's about Mike I, saying, 'It's funny that someone who eats so many cookies would be so uncomfortable making cookies.' Ouch."

Serious Eats sounds bitter: "Also, I'm not sure who was voicing Cookie Monster for this episode, but it didn't sound like the character at all. Maybe it's just me, but I thought Cookie Monster sounded like a drunk Russian guy who never made it past the third grade. 'Me just kind of throw stuff in bowl and mix and hope for best. Now shut up and pass Stolichnaya. Me want cookies and vodka.'"

David Dust on Dale's reaction to the heckling: "Dale, in particular, gets heckled for making a cookie using potato chips and other non-cookie-ish stuff. And he doesn’t quite know how to react. Dale instinctively wants to tell Elmo, Telly and Cookie that today’s Quickfire challenge is being brought to them by the letters 'F' and 'U', but quickly decides against it."

My Monkey Could Do That grosses ALL of us out: "Mike: almond and dried cherry cookie with rose petal powdered sugar. They marvel that he did all that in 45 minutes, and Mike says 'I’m a little fast sometimes'. That’s what she said. Oh, EW, I grossed myself out."

Minxeats on Angelo's sartorial choices: "Angelo feels like Carl Lewis running through the aisles, only whiter and slower. And a whole lot nerdier. Gone are the tight 'cameltoe' pants from last week and in their place are baggy shorts worn with dark knee highs and white socks."

Monkeys as Critics on shopping fantasies: "It’s always been my fantasy to go to Target when there aren’t twenty people in line ahead of me whom all have coupons, gift cards and want to argue with the cashier about whether or not their eggs are on sale. And yet, the chefs do not appear to be having fun. This must be what Target is like right before a natural disaster hits and everyone’s fighting over the last can of Campbell’s soup."

Max the Girl on distractions: "To be fair, I’m actual familiar with this phenomenon, known as TTA (Temporary Target Amnesia). You go to Target to buy some suntan lotion, you leave with Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a pair of sweatpants, a cute decorative bowl, a pink dog bed...and, yup, no suntan lotion. Carla, I feel ya, girl."

Fabio is too busy sticking up for his "brother" to pay attention to the episode: "My brother Mike make Fresh Coconut Soup and Padma blast him about the fact that in Target there is no Fresh Coconut…. what do you know Padma ??? Are you trying to tell us that you actually aver step foot in Target ?? Really ??? Well Mike isabella had fresh coconut….. he took it out of the refrigerator section and doesnt really get fresher than that honey…… so just eat it and move on."

Cliffieland on the bottom three: "Up for the knifing are Tiffany, Carla and Angelo. They pretty much know what they did wrong and the judges are happy to agree with them. Tiffany didn't actually make jambalaya and shouldn't have used the powdered spice. Carla should have added some kind of protein to her soup (instead of focusing on linens). And Angelo simply couldn't overcome an overly salty, too heavy potato soup."

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Rachel T said...

Soo excited that Paula Deen is appearing on Top Chef tomorrow. She's so wonderful to watch. And I can't believe Marcel is back and coking for the people. http://foodiegossip.blogspot.com/2011/02/top-chef-all-stars-episode-11-sneak.html
Thank God Jamie didn't make the cut...