Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TC News and Information 1.3.11

We are sorry to hear that Tiffani Faison's Boston restaurant, Rocca, has closed, apparently abruptly. Guess that means no more All-Stars viewing parties there featuring global noshes that pair well with Bud Lite. Maybe Tre Wilcox will invite her to cook at his Dallas Restaurant, Loft 610, for a viewing party, as he has Tiffany Derry and Casey Thompson.

Speaking of Casey, plans are in the works to open a second outpost of her DFW restaurant, Brownstone.

Just Desserts pastry-cheftestant Erika Davis also has a new venture in the works, according to her facebook page. The Ultimate Cookie Dough Company plans to ship frozen cookie dough. TUCDC's website doesn't seem to be up and running quite yet, despite a projected Jan. 3 launch date, but we'll let you know whrn we hear more. While we wait, here's a great article about Erika.

Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard is also working on a new project, her first cookbook. You can see samples of the outstanding photography here. Originally slated for a Fall 2010 publication date and entitled How to Think, Shop and Cook Like a Top Chef according to this item, apparently the book is now slated for next fall. In addition, she's working on a pilot for a cooking show, developing the concept for a second restaurant, and working on a slew of other projects you can read about here, while helming Chicago's much-buzzed-about The Girl and The Goat.

Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle's second restaurant, Kin Shop, is also garnering lots of buzz, including this New York Times 2-star review. Well done, Chef Harold!

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