Thursday, January 13, 2011

TC News and Information 1.13.11 - Top Chef Masters News!

Host Kelly Choi will be replaced by Curtis Stone when Top Chef Masters returns for a third season “later this year.” Eater’s got the full press release from Bravo and notes: “Stone is no stranger to TV, having done a bunch of cooking shows in Australia before coming stateside and doing things like competing on The Celebrity Apprentice 3 and hosting two seasons of TLC's now canceled Take Home Chef. He'll also be one of the judges on NBC's upcoming America's Next Great Restaurant which premieres in March.”

Stone's facebook page also says he'll be on NBC's Today Show tomorrow, and we're betting he might have a wee bit to say about his Masters gig.

TV Guide quotes Bravo President Frances Berwick as saying: "[Curtis] really feels he has the charm to really carry a Bravo show. . . . We wanted to change the show up a bit. This is going into season 3 so it felt like the right time to try something different. We love Kelly. Watch this space for what else we might do with her."

Top Chef has also been renewed for a ninth season (no surprise), and has apparently not yet been cast. (Methinks we are in for a hiatus after All Stars until the next edition from any of the TC franchises.)

So what do you think of Curtis Stone replacing Kelly Choi? And how would you like to see Masters "changed up"?


Anonymous said...

Curtis is a great personality. I liked "Take Home Chef". Sad not to see him as a master himself. I hate the early rounds when my favorites all go against each other and only one goes on so I don't see them as long. Understand they can't be away for long periods like the younger chefs. But I do like the sportsmanship and companionship they show each other. Wish it would translate to the other show.

theminx said...

Yuck. He has more smarm than charm. I don't want someone with personality being host, especially someone who's going to be jokey and winkey. Gag. I might have to give up TCM.

theminx said...

This is why I don't like Curtis Stone. Heaven forbid someone pay attention to something other than him.