Monday, January 17, 2011

Restaurant Wars Trivia!

Hooray for Restaurant Wars! Isn’t that our collective response when we finally reach this episode each season?

In anticipation of the All-Stars episode of Restaurant Wars this Wednesday, I descended into the Top Chef Crack Monkey Basement to remind myself of RWs gone by. As an avid viewer of the 7 prior seasons that have aired over the past 5 years, I was surprised by some of the things I was reminded of in my archaeological dig.

I know we have some very astute readers with long memories, so let’s try a trivia game.

1. Which All-Star(s) have already appeared in two-Restaurant Wars?

2. Which All-Star(s) have already failed to win two Restaurant Wars episodes?

3. Which All Star(s) were PYKAG’d in the RW episode of their respective seasons?

4. Match these Restaurant Wars restaurant names with their respective seasons. If you don’t recall whether it was Season 1, 2, etc., just refer to cheftestants’ names – this is a friendly contest.

Sunset Lounge
The Garage
Twenty One
Warehouse Kitchen

5. In which season was the “décor” (ahem) pictured at the top of this post what one Restaurant Wars team came up with?

6. In which season was the requirement that chefs be responsible for decorating their restaurant spaces finally discontinued?

Have fun!


Teddy Devico said...

1. Tre Casey Dale
2. Tre Casey
3. Tre Dale Stephen
4. IDK
6. Season 6

Jeni said...

1. Tre, Casey, Dale L, Stephen (he helped one of the teams in season 3) … so, only Tre is still around for this time, right?

2. Tre & Casey

3. Tre & Dale T

4. Restaurant Matchup:

Sabor – Season 1! Stephen’s group!

Sahana – Carla’s group… season 5

Sunset Lounge – Fabio’s group, so… season 5, also?

The Garage – Dale L : Season 3

Twenty One – if it’s 2121, then Season 7. otherwise, no clue.

Warehouse Kitchen –Antonia & Richard Season 4

5. Season 2, maybe? I have no clue, honestly

6. Season 6, I believe.

This was fun! You going to let us know the answers? :)

Anonymous said...

Tough questions! Count me in the minority who DO NOT LIKE restaurant wars. They did change it up a bit last year at my direction, but not enough.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Great job, Teddy and Jeni! For #1 and #2, I was looking at only the regular seasons of TC.

Jeni, good catch on 21/2121/Twenty-One 21!

Troll, they changed it up at your direction, but not to your satisfaction? I would have thought you to be more fully in charge :)

Yes, I'll be back later to post answers. Meanwhile, Bourdain's blog says he had something to do with "designing" this RW challenge. What do you think that might be?