Thursday, January 20, 2011

ATC Love to Chef Marcel Vigneron

In an episode full of discontentment and strife between members of Team Etch, it was pretty apparent from the beginning that Chef Marcel had created his last foam for the competition. His teammates appeared not to have any respect for him, did not take any of his advice during prep and service, and his inability to hold things together - coupled with a mushy entree and a dessert that the judges all hated - was his demise.

Chef Marcel - we know you're a terrific cook, with mad skillz and a ton of confidence. It was surprising to see you go so early in the competition, and we'll miss the color and tension you brought to the show. Can't wait for your Sy Fy series to start!

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Vigneron and his competition. If you have anything negative to say,  please do so here.


MyLastBite said...

I love Marcel. In person, he is lovable, funny, a dear friend... and is NOT going away! : )

Tom said...

I love Marcel, I have from his first appearance on Top Chef v 2.0. I'm sorry he "packed his knives", but I'm thrilled that he has a new show on Syfy!! That rocks!