Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Seattle Episode 3

A Just Recompense on Josie: "Josie makes Triple-Spiced turkey with cayenne. There’s nothing like hearing Emeril tell her to 'stuff that ass with butter' to make your day. 'I have immunity,' says Josie. So I can screw up the protein, which will rack up a loss for the team, and get someone else truly talented out of my way, she thinks. 'Oh, so you can push the envelope,' says naïve Emeril. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what she meant. Actually, I’m pretty sure that is what she meant, or it was a sincere offer to do whatever was riskiest, which usually means dessert."

Minxeats on babies: "Once the two teams are in the kitchen, Stefan immediately starts bitching that the Gray Team is taking up too much space and shoos them away from a piece of prime real estate that he wants. Then he and John Tesar get into a dick-measuring contest. 'You're a kindergartener!' shouts Stefan. 'No! You're the kindergartener!' shouts Tesar.

We know the show has a medic around, but how about someone who changes diapers?"

Reality Tea on kitchen drama: "C.J. and Stefan taste Carla's soup before it's seasoned and she loses her mind. C.J. raises his hands and says, 'I just tasted it!' Stefan annoys Carla further by calling her 'sweetie' and 'honey.' Carla yells, 'There will be no sweetie anymore!' Stefan laughs and shares, 'Why I left Europe… European women!' Much later, Carla and Stefan are still at it. Stefan admits that Carla freaks him out a little bit, especially since her ex-husand is rumored to be in the mafia. Carla just goes on and on and on about the 'honey' thing. She yells, 'Girls are honey, sweetie. The guys are chef. What the f***!'"

Atlanta Journal Constitution on big shots in the kitchen: "In the biggest shocker of the evening, Emeril’s decides to have his team make a creole-style Thanksgiving, while Tom’s team goes Italian. It was actually a nice change of pace to see Tom and Emeril mixing it up in the kitchen, both of them really seemed to come alive while they were working with their teams. It looked like they were really having fun with it. Sometimes it is easy to forget that those guys are chefs, first and foremost, and are most at home in the kitchen."

Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes for the Baltimore Sun on language barriers: "From the winning red team, CJ, Carla and Lizzie are called back to decide the challenge victor. Padma commended their meal was 'near flawless.' Tom said he was confused by Carla's carrot soup as she had told him she was making cabbage soup. Lizzie chimes in, 'I think she said carrots, but it sounded like cabbage,' and Carla confesses, 'Sometimes I need a subtitle.'"

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