Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reactions to Top Chef Seattle Episode One

This season, the cheftestants are headed to Seattle, but first, they must pass muster with the Top Chef judges. We started in Los Angeles where Tom had five potential candidates work in his restaurant Craft for a regular service. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Emeril made his five chefs prepare the best soup they could make. Wolfgang Puck put six chefs through their paces in Beverly Hills, asking them to make the perfect omelette. Finally, Hugh Acheson was in Atlanta with five chefs where he tested their skills by making salads.

After all the cooking and tasting, the finalists were chosen. Emeril picked three from his group, Wolfgang picked five chefs out of his six, and Hugh chose four from his group. In the end, we returned to Craft where Tom gave his final verdict: three out of his five chefs would move on to Seattle. That meant fifteen chefs would fight for the title of Top Chef.

So, what did you think of last night's episode? Please leave your comments below.

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Kristine said...

Yeah, I was a little bored with this crop, but I'm sure it'll get spicier. I was really happy the Leah Cohenesque girl that said she was a "movement" (did she mean BM) didn't make it. Same with Debbie let's-make-it-clear-I'm-not-a-lesbian Downer. I don't think I could have taken either of those two for very long. (PS I can't post on Minxeats for some reason. I thinks its my IE version)

theminx said...

Disqus is probably not getting along with IE. You've been able to comment there before, so hopefully it's a temporary issue.