Thursday, November 15, 2012

ATC Love to Chef Jeffrey Jew

The first team challenge is often the most difficult because the chefs do not know each others' strengths and weaknesses at this point. Such was the case of the Gray Team. However, it was Jeffrey's task alone to cook the fish, and it was done a bit more than the judges' liking. It was bad enough to get him sent home - the first casualty of the season.

Last week, I rather hoped Chef Jew would be a bit annoying and stick around for a while so there'd be someone to hate. Instead, he turned out to be a sweet guy who was eliminated in the first episode. All Top Chef is sorry to see him go, and wish him much success in the future.

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Tivo Mom said...

Is it bad that I just wanted him around because I thought he was cute...picture of he and his partner was precious. Oh well, I need to find someone else to like. Hate that Stefan is back by the way. He is just sooooo arrogant. Always liked CJ and I don't remember Josie (is that her name). Most hated chef can't get taken down a notch too soon for me....