Thursday, November 29, 2012

ATC Love to Chefs Carla Pellegrino and Chrissy Camba

 From the top to the bottom in one episode, Chef Pellegrino certainly faced the rollercoaster of competition in an extremely short period of time. To be fair, squab is a difficult bird to cook properly, and the fact that she could not get into the grilling area and had to rely on the skills of others likely played a big part in her elimination. In the end, though, she had to take responsibility for the dish.

As for Chef Camba, her challenge was to recreate a salad that's been on the Canlis menu since the restaurant opened in 1950. Countless people have eaten it and know exactly how it was supposed to taste. In her case, she was not able to replicate the crispness of the greens or the flavor of the dressing. Her interpretation of the dish was limp from too much dressing and the dressing itself was not sufficiently seasoned with mint or lemon. No chef wants to go down for salad, but that was the unfortunate outcome in this case.

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