Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reactions to Top Chef Seattle Episode Four

After the Thanksgiving challenge, tensions were running high as John continued to badmouth his competitors. Only Stefan seemed immune to the negative energy, turning his flirtatious attentions on Kristen.

Back at the Top Chef Kitchen, Padma was joined by Top Chef alum Naomi Pomeroy for the Quickfire Challenge. This time, the chefs were presented with two enormous slabs of aged beef and asked to butcher and cook a meal in one hour. After lots of mad chopping and cooking, the dishes were tasted and judged. CJ hoped to best his rival John with his tartare, but John's tender oxtail dish won the day and gave him immunity.

For the Elimination Challenge, Mark and Brian Canlis of the famous Seattle restaurant Canlis opened the doors of their 62-year-old institution so the chefs could recreate the original menu from 1950. Since John had immunity, he volunteered to expedite. The chefs haggled over who would cook what, then ran to the restaurant to begin their dishes. Padma, Tom, Naomi, and the Canlis brothers were joined by Emeril and Hugh Acheson for judging.

Although Kristen was stuck with cooking the sides of mushrooms and onion rings, she executed both dishes perfectly and came away with the win. Meanwhile, Carla undercooked her squab and Chrissy overdressed her special salad so they were both sent packing.

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Tivo Mom said...

I am having a hard time stomaching John. He must be taken down a notch at some point. Otherwise, was glad that Josh did not get the boot. Kind of like him and his smart mouth...