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A Thanksgiving Message to Our Readers from Top Chef Season 4’s Ryan Scott

Season 4’s Ryan Scott has gone on to helm the 3-Sum Eats food truck, a restaurant called Brunch Drunk Love, and a catering company called Ryan Scott 2 Go in San Francisco. He also emerged victorious in the recent Bravo webisode battle against Casey Thompson (Seasons 3 and 8), Tre Wilson (Seasons 3 and 8), and Sara Nguyen (Season 3) to be named Healthy Choice “Flavor Ambassador.”

But one mission that remains close to Ryan’s heart is Harvest from the Heart, a charity he began in 2007 with his mother and other family and friends that will deliver bagged lunches and brand new clean socks to an estimated 3,000 people in the San Francisco area this Thanksgiving. Click to learn more about volunteering or donating.

Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce that Harvest from the Heart is now an official nonprofit organization with the 501(c) (3) status in place. For a number of years we have provided a bagged lunch to people in need on Thanksgiving Day. It is our belief that feeding people and welcoming them is one of the best activities we can do.

After four years of success with increased contributions, volunteers, and support we have been able to provide thousands of bagged lunches to those less fortunate. Or goal is to serve 3,000 lunches again this year. This is where we need your help.

Beginning Monday, November 21, through Thursday, November 24, volunteers will be working tirelessly for Thanksgiving Day.

Who We Are

Harvest from the Heart was originally started by me and my mother, Patricia Sadler, simply to feed people. It was based on the simple idea of people inviting over those who have nowhere else to go on Thanksgiving Day to cook for them, feed them and make them feel welcomed. Harvest from the Heart is expanding doing that on a larger scale and delivering the food to people.

In addition to providing a bagged lunch we have been able to also give people a brand new clean pair of socks. We have watched people be as grateful for that as they are the food. We have witnessed people sitting down to put on the new socks immediately even before eating.

Our hope and goal is that we will be able to expand this simple idea to other cities, counties and states while remaining true to our mission of feeding people.

Why It Matters

Too many people are without food or shelter. Too many people are barely housed in single rooms with no access to cooking or refrigeration. Too many people have been impacted by the economy of the last couple years even though there were too many less fortunate people already.

The people who receive our bagged lunches appreciate being fed, having the food delivered to them, but especially having another person acknowledging them and wishing them well on Thanksgiving Day.

When you see the look in a person’s eyes, then you know how much it all matters.

How We Make a Difference

We bring people together as a community to cook, assemble food, package and deliver it to people around San Francisco. This empowers anyone who helps and inspires them to think about others throughout the year.

We partner with individual donors and companies to provide this help to people.

We are feeding people!!!!

Past Partners

In past years, we have partnered with and received donations from: AriZona Beverages, Kara’s Cupcakes, Onoroto & Co. and North Beach Italian Bakery; along with the kindness and generosity from the folks in the community.

Thank you,
Ryan Scott

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