Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 2 Finale

Jordan Baker on shocking (or maybe not): "Gail explains their final elimination challenge, the one that will determine which of them gets $100,000 and which of them gets to be arrested on kiddie porn charges (and way to make me feel like a tit for thinking you weren’t as bad as Bravo and that pack of screeching hyenas they had you living with would have us believe, Morgan)."

Picktainment on The Help: "Sally is worried about the showpiece, though she has a bit of experience and gets some good advice from Chef Canonne. She’s going to focus on flavor and notes that she doesn’t cook for the 'common' palate. Oh, excuse me. She is even too good to zest her own limes, so thank god an MOF is doing that for her."

TWOP on the final Judges' Table: "First up is Matthew's key lime and speculoos bon bon, which everyone agrees was a standout. Then Johnny innocently asks him whether he's more comfortable with chocolate or sugar, and when Matthew says chocolate, Johnny kicks him in the teeth: So why didn't he do his showpiece in chocolate, numnuts? Matthew claims he just wanted to do something different to stand out. Dannielle thought the showpiece looked like a love letter to his wife and you can almost hear Johnny making gag-me-with-a-creampuff noises in the background. Then Sally gets asked again about letting Orlando do so much work on the showpiece and she swears that she was just playing to the strengths of her sous chef. Then Chris is scolded for letting a brioche ball take a tumble and he's not really into it and just shrugs, whatever, man, brioche takes a fall sometimes, deal with it."

Eater on Cranky Johnny: "Johnny looks a bit put-out the whole time. He has obviously had a bug up his ass about something this whole time and takes it out on Sally (over Orlando’s showpiece, natch) and Matthew (just to be a contrarian). He’s obviously in Chris’ court."

CultureMob on taking sides: "The chefs head into the stew room and I don’t have a real feeling for where this is going to land. The judges pick over the individual challenges, and the only thing that becomes clear is that Matthew isn’t going to win; he’s basically ignored for the entire conversation. It seems to be shaking down to Gail and Danielle on Sally’s side and Johnny and Hubert rooting for Chris; I guess we’ll find out who wears the pants amongst the judges."

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