Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef Texas Episode 2


The episode starts out with the final group of chefs competing for a slot in the competition. This time, the challenge is to cook a dish using any one ingredient displayed on a series of trays. Each tray also holds a cloche concealing that chef's particular time limit; the lucky ones get a full sixty minutes, while others get forty or twenty.

When the smoke clears, three more chefs have become Cheftestants, and two more have been placed on the bubble with Ed, Molly, Grayson, and Janine.

The bubble chefs then are challenged to create a masterful dish in 45 minutes, using any ingredients available in the Top Chef kitchen. At the end of this little competition, chefs Ed and Grayson are awarded chef's coats while the other four are sequestered for the next five weeks with the nine who were eliminated the week before.

>bwomp bwomp!<

So...what did you think? Ready for the competition to start in earnest?

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