Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top Recipe - Sally Camacho's Manjari Caramel Mousse, Spiced Caramel Cream with Passion Fruit Gelée

All the recipes this week were pretty complex, but it might be fun to try the mousse or jelly components of this dish from Sally Camacho.

Manjari Caramel Mousse, Spiced Caramel Cream with Passion Fruit Gelée

Manjari Caramel Mousse:
60 grams sugar
100 grams cream + 250 grams cream (soft and whipped)
60 grams yolks
120 grams Valrhona Manjari chocolate
3 grams gelatin

400 grams water
50 grams sugar
15 grams atomized glucose
2 grams sorbet stabilizer
150 grams Valrhona Manjari chocolate
2 grams gray sea salt

Passion Fruit Jelly:
100 grams passion fruit puree
25 grams water
15 grams sugar
1 vanilla bean
2 grams gelatin sheets (bloomed)

Caramel Cremeux:
1 vanilla bean
200 grams heavy cream
50 grams sugar
40 grams yolks
2 grams gelatin
10 grams Meyer’s rum
1 1/2 grams grey sea salt

Compressed Pineapple:
4 ounces pineapple brunoise
1 vanilla bean
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 lime, juiced
2 grams sea salt


Manjari Caramel Mousse:
1. Dry caramelized sugar in a pot. Bring 100 grams cream to scald. Break sugar with cream. Allow to boil to dissolve caramel. Temper in yolks. Add yolks to cream mixture to make anglaise. Pour anglaise over chocolate and bloomed gelatin. Burmix final product.

2. Whip 250 grams cream and fold into chocolate mixture.

1. In a pot bring water, sugar, glucose and stabilizer to a boil. Pour over chocolate and salt. Burmix final product. Disperse into paco jet beakers, allow to freeze. Paco next day.

Passion Fruit Jelly:
1. Place passion fruit, water, sugar and vanilla bean in a sauce pot. Bring to a boil. Turn off heat. Add bloomed gelatin and allow to melt. Disperse into fleximold discs. Freeze.

Caramel Cremeux:
1. Make a dry caramel with sugar in a pot, scald cream and vanilla. Break caramel with cream. Temper in yolks and make anglaise. Take off heat, add bloomed gelatin, rum and salt. Burmix to make smooth. Disperse in demisphere fleximold and freeze.

Compressed Pineapple:
1. Combine ingredients and cryovac bag and vacuum.


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