Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 2.8

Eater on Sally’s choice of ingredients: “Sally seems to be doing her ode to corn, whipping up everything she can come up with made out of corn for the judges except ethanol. Vroom vroom!”

Picktainment on Johnny Iuzzini’s outfit: “Let’s spend just a minute discussing how Johnny’s gray chef’s jacket, slicked back hair, and tattoos make him look sort of like a gas station attendant. Do you think that’s what he’s going for or is it an accident? Shouldn’t someone tell him?”

Culture Mob on drama: “Sally does, however, leave her corn pudding in the freezer which is cause for high drama this season. Remember when high drama was whether or not Zac was going to spontaneously combust into a cloud of sequins?”

Jordan Baker on Chris’s phone call home and a 1970s movie reference: “Chris calls his wife and gets caught up on their baby’s heart condition. Her surgery is going to cost upwards of $48,000, which gives him a renewed desire to win. I reallllly hope Bravo and Andy Cohen intend to step in and play benevolent fairy godmother in this situation if he doesn’t win, because otherwise it’s ’70s movie levels of tragic, where Ryan O’Neal plays the handsome pastry chef baking to win enough money to save his daughter’s life and then fails.”

TwoP on Matthew and a 2011 movie reference: “Matthew resolves to redeem himself in Francois' eyes and show that he knows "how to make a good-ass pie." I'm assuming that's what he said, and not good Ass Pie... because that would be an entirely different flavor. Something Minny from The Help would make.”

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