Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 2.7

Picktainment on the Quickfire: "They will have to serve their doughnut with coffee, the winner gets $10,000, there is no more immunity, and Johnny arrives so there’s going to be trouble. Turns out, the least favorite doughnut gets eliminated on the spot, making this the most important Quickfire ever. Matthew tries to downplay it by saying that a doughnut is “just fried dough.” What a moron. Doughnuts are life, Matthew."

Eater on Orlando: "Orlando gets his panties all in a knot because of Katzie’s dessert. It’s more of a plated dessert and in his confessional he’s insistent that she HAS TO GO. Orlando, honey, she may have her ups and downs, but how many wins has Katzie pulled so far? Yeah, that’s right. Your wins? Yeah, that’s what we thought. This will be nothing compared to the bigger knot he gets into over the spice of his spiced beignet — it leads to a wonderful little tiff with Johnny about absolutely nothing. You said cardamom. No I didn’t. You said spiced. But not cardamom. Seriously? We’re having this discussion?"

Culture Mob on desperation: "Elimination Challenge! Two teams of three will be creating a magnificent chocolate showpiece and one chocolate dessert from each team member. The teams shake out to Orlando, Carlos and Sally against Katzie and the Bromance Brothers. Then Gail tells them that they will be serving their desserts to the opposite team; now I know the producers are in a tizzy. They’re throwing every reality competition trick in the book to inject some life into this episode. Surprise elimination! Teach challenge! Rip on each other’s work to the judges! They even separate the teams’ work areas so they can’t see what’s going on with each other. They should make them do it while ice-skating too. Orlando and Chris are taking point on each team’s showpiece and are convinced that this is shaping up to be a battle royale between the two of them. If two gladiators enter an arena and you don’t care who wins, does a fight still happen?"

Jordan Baker on teams: "They draw cookies to assign teams. The red team is Matthew, Chris, and Katzie. Chris is worried that Katzie will be the weak link. That’s just absurd – Katzie has two individual wins. Matthew has one individual win. Chris? Has been on winning teams (always with Matthew; once with Katzie as well) but has never had an individual elimination win. Tell me again who the weak link is, pretty boy? Anyway, the Blue team is Orlando, Carlos, and Sally."

TWOP on showpieces: "Everyone oohs and ahhs appreciatively at the showpieces' depth and height and maybe the girth if they are into that sort of thing. Chris' is very tall and wiggly with some chocolate swooping this way and some other chocolate swooping that way and then some white chocolate flowers scattered hither and yon. Orlando's piece tells the tale of chocolate from bean to snack in one glorious twisted chocolate line. It's the chocolate version of some artsy chick your brother is inadvisably dating doing an interpretative dance of the birth story she witnessed. It's not very appetizing, but you could stare for awhile."

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