Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top Recipe - Chris Hanmer's Bon Bon, Coffee Infused Ganache, Caramel

Bon Bon - Coffee Infused Ganache, Caramel

250 grams sugar
50 grams glucose
100 grams butter, salted
150 grams cream
1 vanilla bean

Coffee Ganache:
500 grams cream
100 grams coffee beans
10 grams coffee flavor
600 grams 64% chocolate
50 grams glucose
50 grams butter

1. Warm the cream with the vanilla bean
2. Make a caramel by heating together the sugar and the glucose.
3. Add the butter to the caramel them slowly add the cream. Mix well and strain out the vanilla bean.
4. Cool to 88 Fahrenheit and fill into mold half way

Coffee Ganache:
1. Warm cream with the coffee beans and infuse for 15 minutes
2. Reheat cream and coffee. Add coffee flavor and strain over the chocolate
3. Add the glucose and mix
4. Cool the mixture to 95 degrees Fahrenheit add the soft butter
5. Let ganache cool to 88 F and fill on the top of the caramel than is already in the mold
6. Warm cream and pour over chocolate. Add butter and heat to 88 degrees Fahrenheit and fill on top of mold with caramel.


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