Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 2.6

CultureMob on zzzzzz: "As I sit down to write this, I’m genuinely struggling to remember last week’s episode and who got sent home. This is not a good sign, Just Desserts. If you can’t give me interesting contestants, just give me an hour of Gail and Johnny ripping on these people for being boring. Then Johnny can take off his shirt while Gail and I throw dollar bills at him. Make it rain, Iuzzini. Make. It. Rain."

Eater on the Quickfire: "Our chefs descend upon a strange Chia garden that the producers have created; each digs up a vegetable. Quite a few can't quite figure out what they are holding, and so far in the series this is the one moment where one really questions the chef's general knowledge. Reverse-sphered yogurt they can do — but identify a turnip? Not so easy, apparently."

Jordan Baker on sabotage: "Matthew gives Orlando peas. Orlando gives Katzie gorgonzola and provolone, smugly saying that they’re things she can’t possibly use Oh, come on, man. Who hasn’t had a dessert with gorgonzola in it? That’s not sabotage. A fucking chicken is sabotage. Get with the villainy, man. Katzie gives Megan oranges and onions. Megan gives Chris canned ravioli. Chris sticks Matt with mashed potatoes and gravy. And Sally sticks Rebecca with falafel"

TWOP on doofy: "Then, since Marcel is lurking around looking for screen time, the producers decide to make him talk to every chef. Then Carlos comes up and puts a banana on Marcel's shoulder? Because apparently they have a game where they try and put a banana on someone without them noticing? It's kind of endearingly doofy? Then Marcel tries to play and puts a banana on Johnny and gets totally busted and that is actually funny."

Picktainment on the verdict: "Megan didn’t bring the booze, Katzie didn’t bring the creativity, and all Rebecca brought was garlic. Johnny tries to tell us that it wasn’t weird ingredients that tripped up these three losers and I’m still not sure I believe him, but certainly some people managed to figure it out. So who sucks the most and must pack their tools and go? Rebecca. At least she got that Beastie Boy to sign her cast first! And I was just starting to like her."

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