Monday, December 20, 2010

TC News and Information 12.20.10

Spike Mendelsohn was out playing Santa last week, for his favorite charity and MasterCard, and blogger HowChow caught up with him for an interview that reveals he's looking to expand his restaurant empire further, and shares some behind-the-scenes Top Chef dish, including the fact that often dishes get cold during filming, but apparently that is not a factor in the judging.

Did you catch the two-part pilot Friday night of Richard Blais's new show, "Blais Off," on the Science Channel? Professor Blais learns from old-school restaurants, then fashions his own spin on their favorite dishes with his modern techniques, letting customers vote for their favorite in this "Throwdown"-style program that is also a vehicle for him to explain in detail about so-called molecular gastronomy. You can read more about it here, here and here.

Meanwhile, Fabio Viviani was in Houston recently filming cooking demonstrations for his new iPhone/iPad app for Bertolli. You can find interviews with him here, where he talks about being a private chef for William Shatner, and here, where he takes about whatever became of that Bravo show he was supposed to star in.

Dale Levitski may have been eliminated during last week's All-Stars episode, but he maintains a sense of humor about it. He's reworked the veal dish that got him auf'd, this time with peanut, corn, honey and celery and is offering it at his Chicago restaurant, Sprout.

Here's a sweet interview with Top Chef: Just Desserts' winner Yigit Pura, and All-Star Tiffani Faison gets a great write-up about what she's doing at Boston's Rocca here.

Finally, Bravo may have a new food show in the works. Stay tuned.

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