Thursday, December 2, 2010

ATC Love to Elia Aboumrad

Chef Elia, we were so happy to see you have a second chance at the big win by competing on Top Chef All-Stars, and disappointed to see you go so soon. It's understandable that if you didn't have a problem with the original dish, it's hard to change it so other people will better appreciate it. Unfortunately, the adjustments you made still didn't impress the judges and you were the first to leave.

You are so talented and so young, we still see a bright and shining culinary future for you.

This post is for positive comments about Chef Elia Aboumrad. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competition, please do so here.


OLOGY said...

Last night's episode of Top Chef All-Star was amazing! I'm so happy to see my favorite top chef contestants. Elia shouldn't have talked back to the judges, she had an attitude. If she kept her mouth shut, she would still be on the show. I think she's a great chef, but unfortunately we'll never get to see her shine.

Anonymous said...

When she said I have more to show and prove, don't eliminate me, I mean it! I said to myself she just asked to be sent home. I was really hoping she would have made it into the top 3 or 4. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

What a let down. Seeing Tiffany go down last season reminded me how disappointed I was when Elia didn't win a few years ago. They're two very talented female chefs that I felt deserved to win their respective seasons. I was so happy to see Elia back for All-Stars (Tiffany too) and now to see her go first is really a drag. If you read this Elia, I wish you great success with opening Avec Moi next year!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to see Elia go for a totally non-food reason: she's the best looking dish of any season. Since we can only look at what's being served up, it's my eyes that want satisfaction from TC: Elia, wow! (Anonymous so my wife doesn't brain me.)