Thursday, December 9, 2010

ATC Love to Jennifer Carroll

Chef Jen, you were another person we were so glad to see return for a second chance at the title of Top Chef, and sorry that you had to leave so soon. It was clear that this new competition meant a great deal to you, and you wanted to stick around to prove to the judges that your first elimination was a mistake.

Unfortunately, Jamie's injury forced you to complete a team dish on your own, which is never a good place to be. At the very least, you were able to stay true to what you wanted the dish to be, regardless of what the judges thought. We are certain you have moved on from this experience and will continue your already successful career.

This post is only for postitive comments about Jennifer Carroll. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competition, please do so here.


LaDivaCucina said...

Some of the contestants seem a bit more humble and have matured while others have come back super cocky! Jen is one of them but you can't blame her leaving on anything but the mushy food!

Anonymous said...

It's always tough to judge from my sofa, given that I don't get to taste the food. That having been said, I think Jennifer uncharacteristically lost her cool (usually she's very controlled) and I think it was a contributing factor to her early exit. Tom clearly said that her attitude played no role in his decision ... but I can't imagine that her dish was so bad that it, on it's own merits, got her sent home. This is underscored by the fact that Jamie did nothing (literally) and still skated by. I think the judges were offended and Jen's poor dish was an easy excuse. If I had to hire a chef, she would be the first one I would take out of that group ... hands down.

Lori Calzadillas said...

My heart broke for Jennifer when she left the Top Chef All Star competition... Since watching the show for the first time, I have long been disturbed by her reference about something her father told her. I can not remember the exact words, it was something like: '2nd place is not winning' and as she left she said something like 'what will he say about being the 2nd to go'. Oh, I wish I could remember her exact words.
It is not unusual for someone as talented and driven as Jennifer to have a beloved parent who is critical. But, I can not help but wonder if her fathers' attitude did not add even more stress to an already stressful situation.