Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top Chef Masters 4.6 Recap

Last week we had Holly Madison. This week, it's the marginally classier Dita Von Teese, most famous for being Marilyn Manson's ex. Oh, and she's a burlesque dancer. (Why is it sexy to do "burlesque" but "stripping" is trashy?) Anyhoo, the challenge was to use 30 minutes to make a sexy dish from a table full of foods with alleged aphrodisiac qualities like oysters and foie gras.

If Curtis' new wife watched the episode, he may have gotten himself in a little trouble. He was a little too susceptible to Von Teese's teasing and turned beet red more than once during the tasting portion of the Quickfire challenge.

Takashi thinks sweet and slimy textures are sexy in the mouth, and that's exactly what he produces for Von Teese. She agrees wholeheartedly (slimy? really?) and gives him the win, which equals immunity and more cash. And who doesn't like more cash? Especially in Vegas.

Exit Von Teese. Enter Thai food. The Elimination Challenge will celebrate the flavors of Thailand in a one-sided version of Restaurant Wars. You know, without the War part. The six chefs will create one restaurant, both kitchen and front of the house, and are each responsible for one dish. But first, they head to the acclaimed Lotus of Siam to nosh and get a feel for the food of Thailand. This is especially important for Lorena, who feels a little shaky, what with being from Venezuela and all. Like they don't use coconut milk, chiles, and cilantro up the wazoo, too.

After shopping, the chefs have 4 hours to cook and set up the restaurant; thankfully they aren't responsible for decorating. Patricia somehow manages to take over the place, possibly because she lived in Thailand for two years. While she's being bossy, she declares that she's not sure of either Art's or Lorena's ability to cook on the line, so she assigns them front of the house duty. Kerry she makes expedite. They don't argue with her, although Lorena says she's fine with cooking on the line. She and Patricia have an altercation at one point about using too many burners on the stove, but unfortunately, there are no fisticuffs.

Come on. You wanted to see a girl fight too.

When the time for serving comes, Lorena's and Chris' appetizers go out first, followed by two courses of mains. Kerry's and Patricia's dishes are supposed to go out simultaneously, but Kerry's taking a bit too long with his, causing Patricia to have to refire her duck breast. The result of that, of course, is severe undercooking.

While her duck breast is a bit flabby and chewy, and Lorena's soup is buried in too many garnishes, Art's too-safe and somewhat bland cashew-crusted chicken is the loser of the night and gets him sent home. Chris, on the other hand, narrowly beats out Kerry for the top spot and increases his charitable donation.

Next week: Sugar Ray Leonard, and chefs in the ring!

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