Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Masters 4.4

A Just Recompense on the B-52s: "Make a salad in eight minutes. Kate Pierson and Fred Schneider of the B-52s are the salad judges. Because… who knows why. They need the publicity and the price was right? They were hungry? Maybe because Kate once went to the longest salad bar in the world, and claims it was in Maine. I’ve never seen advertisements for the longest salad bar in the world, and I’d think that would be something they’d be touting. There’s also nothing on the Internets. I think she made that up."

Mary Alice of Charm City Cakes for the Baltimore Sun on not gonna happen: "The tribal council arrive, looking incredible in their traditional dress. Curtis thanks the council for inviting them onto their land. James Oseland says it's so beautiful he never wants to leave. He then asks Louise from the Council if she's single because he wants to marry her. She declines but points out the single lady at the table for James to focus his attention on."

Grub Street on adventures at the Grand Canyon: "Once they arrive, there’s a huge problem because they’re cooking on a scary platform above the Grand Canyon with a see-through floor and Takashi is terrified of heights. He can't even change a lightbulb! A couple of minutes later he’s fine, though (the producers probably drugged him, it’s cool). The teams start cooking their dishes and everyone is extremely honored to be there, but they’re also having so much fun. But there’s tension between Kerry and Clark — they’re not clicking, mainly because Clark thinks Kerry is a bad chef (he doesn’t say that obviously, but come on) and they’re not agreeing on the direction of the dish. 'I can't have a fist fight on the rim of the Grand Canyon,' says Clark. To which we say, why not?"

The Zagat Blog on pairing up: "They pick knives for their partners and ingredients and lo and behold all the BFFs get put together. Art and Lorena with quail and prickly pear; Takashi and Thierry with venison and banana yucca; Cosentino and Patricia Yeo with rabbit and squash - and then Kerry and Clark the only non-BFFs leftover and clearly lesser duo with beef and corn. Not looking good for Kerry and Clark - but they do have easy ingredients (and Clark thinks he has a secret advantage because his dad was involved in Indian education at the University of Arizona…). No comment."

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