Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recap Roundup: Rocco's Dinner Party Episode 1

Minxeats on the Quickfire Signature Dish Challenge: "Three chefpetitors (can't call them 'cheftestants' now, can I?) - this week it's Geoff, Britt, and JJ - meet Rocco on an elaborate set that is supposed to be DiSpirito's loft. Not only does it have a huge kitchen, but also three separate dining rooms, each with a different theme. (Purina must pay well.) Rocco tells the three that he is having a dinner party and would like two of the chefs to create a multi-course meal for his guests, but first, an elimination challenge. Each chefpetitor must create a signature dish for Rocco's approval, one of which will not make the cut."

AV Club on party guests: "The festive party planning is only a slight distraction from the real focus of the show: what’s being delivered on the plate. That and the bizarre mish-mash of Rocco’s Bravo-curated “guests.” For this go-round, DiSpirito welcomes the lovely Bryan Batt of Mad Men, Forbes.com media critic Bill McCuddy, Broadway actress Christine Ebersole, Eat Out New York writer Kelly Choi, The Wire and Boardwalk Empire actor Michael Kenneth Williams and recent Top Chef Masters winner Marcus Samuelsson."

After Elton on the verdict: "Rocco stands up at the end of the dinner as if struck by divine insight, announces that he knows which dinner pleased his guests more and leaves the room with purpose to break the news to the anxiety-ridden chefs. In true reality competition style, Rocco spends an hour describing the missteps in the meals. Geoff has brought shame to the cooking community by not knowing the difference between Atlantic Cod and Black Cod, and J.J did not comfort the guests with his grits."

If anyone out there is recapping this show, or knows someone who is, please let us know!

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Marsha said...

Nicely done, Minx - it's going to take a few episodes for me to get used to this format (as compared with Top Chef). I thought it was unfair to have one vegetarian guest - but then, in reality, that's what happens. I haven't seen any previous Rocco shows, so I don't know if this is typical of him or not. But I'm always up for a show with good chefs!