Thursday, May 26, 2011

TC News & Information 5.26.11

In a case of "research before you promote," fitness author Mark Vaughan is accusing Curtis Stone of "health washing" Post Great Grains cereal, which the Top Chef Masters host has been promoting. Apparently the cereal has a ton of sugar, according to this article. Really, we've probably seen enough of Curtis' mug on everything...what with the Merillat cabinet commercials, plus America's Next Great Restaurant and Top Chef Masters, I'm definitely burned out.

Gothamist has listed six Top Chefs that are still cooking in NYC. Unfortunately, one of them is no longer Nikki Cascone, as her restaurant Octavia's Porch has closed after only 6 months. (Thanks to David Dust for the link.)

Zagatbuzz shares a quote from season 2 cutie Sam Talbot and a tiny image of one of his paintings. Hemp seed trail mix?

Tom Colicchio is opening the Lot on Tap, a food truck court/taproom, under Manhattan's Highline park. In the past, he's flip-flopped on the subject of food trucks, and now he's curating them? I guess it's wise to go where the money is, huh?

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