Monday, May 2, 2011

TC News and Info 5.2.11

Tre Wilcox's new restaurant, Marquee Grill, has opened in Dallas. Feast has a video interview with the chef here.

Robin Leventhal's newest venture, Shopsky's Delicatessen, is slated to open on Mercer Island in May. She talks to the Seattle Times about the eclectic "modern Jewish deli with a Pacific Northwest twist" here. Snake River wagyu pastrami, anyone? How about salmon cured in local gin?

Dave Martin is contributing the menu to NYC's first French fry truck, The Frying Dutchman. Eater has a sneak peek at the fries and sauces, including a cinnamon apple maple butter (for the sweet potato fries), a gorgonzola cream cut with buffalo sauce, and a sour cream, applewood smoked-bacon and cheddar cheese sauce.

And Preeti Mistry demos Indian Street Food from her current venture, Juhu Beach Club, for Thrillist in this video.

Marking the first anniversary of his restaurant, Plein Sud, Ed Cotton talks to Zagat about how the menu has evolved and other lessons along the way.

Hugh Acheson did this interview prior to his weekend appearance at the Good Food Block Party in Athens, Georgia, talking about his charity, Wholesome Wave, and saying this about competing on TC Masters: "Best thing is the camaraderie. The only downside is that it is mildly exhausting."

Eric Ripert offers some interesting food and music pairings to Maxim, and reels off an intriguing list of musicians he'd invite if he could have anyone to dinner, including: "Definitely Prince! I would also invite Maria Callas and Amy Winehouse. I think those two would be a really good combination." Ripert also tells WWD he would never compete on TC Masters.

The May issue of Esquire has an Tom Colicchio (done prior to the birth of his new son).

The Martha Stewart Radio show also has some audio clips of Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Harold Dieterle about Top Chef.

And here's a piece about the Top Chef Tour's stop in Biloxi, where Eli Kirshtein and Tiffany Derry went head to head.

Finally, don't miss Top Chef: The Musical from Grub Street! The Top Chef-ers who would be willing to participate - or not - are a hoot.

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