Monday, May 16, 2011

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Masters 3 Episode 6

TWOP on the Quickfire: "The remaining seven chefs join Curtis Stone in the kitchen for their Quickfire challenge. They have an array of heavenly ingredients, including foie gras, scallops and truffles. The only catch is that they have to create their dishes in just seven minutes, beating Tom Colicchio's personal best of eight minutes, 37 seconds."

Monkeys as Critics on the Quickfire: "Anyway, time for the Quickfire! For once the chefs get really good stuff to cook with like scallops and caviar and not Oreos and canned peas. The catch? They must make a fabulous dish (actually, two plates of it) in seven minutes. Hugh calls it a Quickfire on steroids. I love Hugh, but I don’t think he’ll grab immunity if he’s even slightly serious about half of his dish being the most elaborate cat food of all time."

Oregon Live on cooking conditions: "When the buses arrive at the Hollywood hotel where Maroon 5 is staying, the chefs have to complete the meals on the bus, not in one of the hotel's kitchens, which is sort of infuriating to watch. New York chef Floyd Cardoz is forced to cook steaks on top of the toilet! Los Angeles chef Mary Sue Milliken is prepping tostadas on a mattress normally reserved for liaisons with groupies. Eww!"

Jordan Baker on Hughisms: "Back on the other bus, Mary Sue has “covered the bed in tostadas” which Hugh tells us is “not any fetish I’ve ever heard of.” Oh, Hugh. Thank you for being a friend."

AV Club with a stray observation: "I honestly wonder what the editors would do without Hugh — while Floyd’s going on about how his kids are going to think he’s so cool for meeting Maroon 5, Hugh’s dropping one-liners left and right: 'I’ve got youth, and panache, and one eyebrow on my side' in the little interstitial between commercials was a particularly fun one, confirming that he’s self-aware about the unibrow situation."

A Just Recompense on feeding the band: "The band gives their food preferences. Adam Levine likes Japanese food, and steak. There’s a vegetarian, of course. And a guy from Nebraska who wants corn. Then there’s the guy who’s still upset they missed Thanksgiving dinner when they were in Australia. And one of them likes LA so wants Mexican food. Presumably that means LA-style Mexican, Because if you tell someone like Rick Bayless you want Mexican food, you’d better mean it. But Rick Bayless isn’t here, sigh."

Eater once again makes a lot of references to stuff completely unrelated to Top Chef.

Grub Street on the final moments: "Unsurprisingly, the judges summon the Black Team and Traci wins for her steak. That means Red Team is on the chopping block. 'The duress came through the food,' Curtis tells them, which was kind of the point of this whole ordeal, right? All three chefs are roundly criticized, but Alex — who made four dishes on his own — is sent packing."

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