Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef DC Episode 9

Jordan Baker with her Kenny haiku: "Please pack your velour / Bathrobe and go, Black Magic. / Kenny. No more. Heh."

Minx Eats on the Quickfire: "At the Top Chef Call Me Crazy But I'm Really Starting to Miss the Blatant Sponsorship Kitchen, the eight remaining cheftestants find Padma all by her lonesome with a table laden with colored aprons and blindfolds. That's right, kids, it's the always-exciting semi-kinky Tag Team Cook-off!"

Cliffieland on the Pelosi faces: "After some awkward words from the perpetually pinched-up pol, the teams explain their dishes and Pelosi tastes them. Team Blue's sautéed shrimp with angel hair pasta is a hit with the Speaker ... and leaves her looking like she sat on a tack. Team Red's aromatic snapper is also liked by the powerbroker, though she does note that it is a tad on the salty side. This leaves her looking like she discovered a snake in her Prada pumps."

Pop Watch is sad: "Poor Kenny. I didn’t see that one coming. Kicking him off marked one of the first time the judges seemed to vote just on that one meal as opposed to the cheftestant’s history. I know that the judges always say they don’t pay attention to history, but usually even if the ongoing champ bungles up a dish, he/she gets a second chance. And if that had happened last night, Amanda would’ve been eliminated."

Best Week Ever on the foreshadowing: "Kenny opens the episode declaring he’s going to 'unleash the beast,' which is sort of like the 'release the kraken!' internet meme, inasmuch as he never catches on. Anyone notice that Kenny has subtlely blown past Angelo as the most arrogant competitor on the show, only he hasn’t won in like 7 weeks? I’m sure this won’t end up mattering."

Speakeasy (WSJ) on the lamest name ever: "Angelo and Kenny take charge as executive chefs. Red Team boots Alex to front of the house, where he can do less damage. They call themselves EVOO, because it’s meant to evoke Mediterranean flavors… and not something that cook Rachael Ray says. Have we heard of a more daft name? No."

Reality Check (Baltimore Sun) on the salty screwup: "Tiffany makes snapper and leaves the fish head so the next chef will know what kind of fish it is. But when Alex goes next he seems confused but decides to season the fish. Tiffany nearly blows a gasket. It's too early to season the fish! It'll be salty!"

TV Squad on Bruni's blue team complaints: "'Felt like this was a beet salad done through the guise of Hamburger Helper,' Bruni says while chastising Kenny, who looks like he's going to either cry or jump over the table and throttle the guy. But, there wasn't time for either because Bruni starts laying into Amanda. 'What I had was a little overcooked, a lot under-juicy,' he says about her steak. 'It's like having a great pair of shoes with a really mediocre suit.'"

Max the Girl on the red team's Alex strategy: "Team Red, still trying to negate the Alex Factor, decides to put him in the front of the house. Considering that he seems like some sort of twitchy, low-level flunky in the Russian mafia, I’m not sure this is the wisest of ideas, but I do appreciate the need to keep him away for the food."

What'ere, Jane Eyre on Kevin's meltdown: "The blue team wastes no time in jumping down Alex's throat when they get back to the Kitchen. Kevin sounds about eleven (both in age and volume) as he leaps up and screams 'Your ass should be going!!! You didn't do a fucking thing!!!' How's that goal to control your temper coming along, Kevin?"

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