Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poll Results for Top Chef DC Episode 7 and...Pea-gate

In our "who should have been PPYKAG'd" poll, those who voted were pretty evenly divided between agreeing that it was Andrea's time to go (40%) and thinking it should have been someone else entirely (43%).

As for the very-popular "did he or didn't he?" poll, a whopping 85% of you thought that Alex did indeed steal Ed's pea purée.

But wait...what's that behind Tom Colicchio? Looks like pea puree to me. But is it Ed's? If so, who put it in a seemingly-unused part of the kitchen?

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Audrey for the screen cap.


Anonymous said...

Also in the episode, Alex referred to his making of the pea puree, so I had no trouble believing that he did. Much ado about nothing?
This season so far seems really flat. I think what has happened to me, as I've watched every season, is that when there's a great season, like season 6, the following season just can't stand up to it and is a let down.

MoHub said...

Alex's pot of pre-puréed peas was shown cooking on the stove at The Palm; Ed had puréed his peas at the Hilton the day before. Alex is also shown stirring purée in the same pot in which we saw the whole peas cooking.

I don't think Alex stole Ed's purée, but I'm willing to believe he stole the idea after the previous evening's conversation.

ChelseaNH said...

Except Ed served non-pureed peas with his dish, which he probably cooked. So I don't think the pot of peas is conclusive.