Thursday, August 12, 2010

ATC Love to Chef Kenny Gilbert

Restaurant Wars can be a dangerous challenge for those who choose to become their team's head chef. Just ask Trey Wilcox from Top Chef Season Three. As he had in previous episodes, Chef Kenny Gilbert took the lead role and ultimately had to be held accountable for the shortcomings of the losing team. However, with this season more so than in the past, the chefs were judged on their individual dishes and the judges felt that Chef Kenny's overly thought out salad and salty cheese course were the worst of the blue team's offerings.

Despite being eliminated, Chef Kenny has clearly illustrated that he is a chef of impressive skill and talent. There's no doubt that he will have a shining career and will quite likely surpass the achievements of some who are still in the competition. ATC wishes Chef Kenny Gilbert good luck and great success!

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Kenny Gilbert . If you have negative comments regarding Chef Kenny Gilbert or about the episode, please leave them here.


Kristine said...

I was rooting for Kenny. Hope he returns to Veggie U's Food and Wine Celebration next year in Ohio. Lee Ann and Dave were there this year. Kenny was there the year before and his food was good.

Kameika said...

I am soooo disappointed. Kenny was the best one. I just can't believe it. I ready 2 give up Top Chef all together.As long as Angelo doesn't win, I'm ok. He is a sneaky snake and doesn't deserve the title.Sorry Kenny, you'll go down as my favorite Top Chef contestant.

Laura K said...

I was completely surprised by this elimination. Kenny is stronger than several (at least) of the remaining competitors. Why would he be eliminated?

Restaurant Wars is always tough.

dakuwanga said...

I agree. I was rooting for Kenny. You know, I think everyone I root for on any show gets eliminated. So you know what? Let's go Angelo!

I like how Angelo hugged Kenny good-bye. He knows his only real competition is gone, and I could already see him scheming how to get everyone else tossed so it's just him VS Alex and Amanda for the title.

intuitive eggplant said...

I have much respect for Kenny as a chef, especially compared to some of the other competition still remaining this season. Very sorry to see him PYKAG'd.

Kristine, curious to know more about that Veggie U event, as I am in Ohio.

Laura K, thanks once again for a great podcast. Sorry I don't manage to comment here and re: the podcasts as much as I should, but they are most welcome and I'm so glad that you are continuing to do them.

Kristine said...

@eggplant-Veggie U- Chef's Garden in Huron, Ohio provides micro greens, produce etc. to some of the top restaurants across the country. Farmer Lee Jones has been a judge on Iron Chef America. The Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan is their "chef's school" and Veggie U is a program for grade school children to teach them about vegetables and health, etc. Each year in July they hold a Food & Wine Celebration to benefit and promote Veggie U. Visit the website They also hold dinners and wine tastings through out the year.