Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top Chefs on Treme

Top Chef head judge Tom Coliccho and chefs Eric Ripert and David Chang, along with Top Chef Masters' Wylie Dufresne will appear in the upcoming May 9th episode of the HBO series, Treme.

Treme follows musicians, chefs, Mardi Gras Indians and ordinary New Orleanians as they try to rebuild their lives, their homes and their unique culture in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane and levee failure that caused the near-death of an American city. Find out more about the show here.

Photo credit:  Paul Schiraldi/HBO


David Dust said...

This is such a good show - I can't wait to see Tom and the other chefs.

MCWolfe said...

Treme is the best new show on tv and everyone owes it to themselves to watch it. I'm excited to see the chefs since so much of the New Orleans experience is the amazing food. I'm stunned that Emeril, media-whore extraordinaire, isn't somehow horning in on this but praise Jeebus he doesn't seem to be involved.

theminx said...

We live in an HBO-free house, so no Treme for us. I'm not so surprised about Emeril but surprised that I haven't seen the name John Besh mentioned anywhere.

MCWolfe said...

Actually, John Besh's name did come up in the episode. The basic story was that the four chefs walked in to the restaurant where one of the characters is a chef. They said John Besh had recommended that they eat there so she did them up a menu that made me drool. And I may have to start stalking Eric Ripert because he might be the hottest thing on the planet. Oh my!

theminx said...

MC - I didn't actually mean "mentioned" in the show - I meant mentioned in PR stuff as appearing on the show. In the flesh. :)

Ripert looks like a male version of Linda Evangelista.