Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Masters 2 Episode 6

The geoduck is back...and not at all the weirdest protein on the table. Plus, we learn about what counts for good TV in the China of Susur's childhood, that Waxman gets stressed like the rest of us, and that sea cucumbers are slugs. Speaking of slugs (I kid!), here's what the bloggers have to say:

Jordan Baker on Susur & Marge: "Susur gets a drawing of Marge and a description of her from Jonathan, who apparently tells him she has 'beeg hair an’ roun’ eyes, and is really loving the pork chops.' Or that’s how Susur interprets the information. I want Susur to come to work with me and interpret my boss’s instructions. 'Ok, you fix old website and then you answer correspondence and then you really loving the pork chops.'"

Reality Wanted on what Springfield apparently needs: "Jonathan channels Bart and makes Spaghetti Bambino with Grilled Tomato, Ham and Cheese Sandwich. The judges love the food and say it is the dish that would unite Springfield."

Gawker on Gael: "Ok, the moral of tonight's episode is: If you're gonna let Gael Greene sample your exotic meats, you'd better be prepared to perform!!"

TVgasm on Andrew Zimmern's mmm-tastic job: "Naturally this means that the judge is Andrew Zimmern, that bald-headed guy with the bad teeth who has that show on the Travel Channel where he gets to travel the world and (according to Tyler Florence at least) eat camel cock and yak testicles. Now that's a palate worth listening to critiques from, right?"

Serious Eats teases Snooki fans everywhere: "For this week's Quickfire challenge, host Kelly Choi told the chefs they'd be creating a meal for "true icons known in every part of the world." No, guys, not the cast of Jersey Shore... but The Simpsons!"

(Side note: Would the Jersey Shore cast be the best Top Chef judges ever? No? Oh, is that just me? Hey, at least we know the girls eat, which is more than we can say for some past judges.)

TWOP on the big goodbye: "And the chef with the lowest score is Jody, who even admitted that her rare goat was maybe not the best choice."

CBS News on crazy proteins: "Its great theatre to see the chefs work with ingredients that aren’t just not on their usual menus; they are way out of their comfort zones. For these master chefs, the unusual proteins meant a return to their cooking roots."

Speakeasy (WSJ) on Waxman's anxiety: "Jonathan Waxman, normally unflappable, admits to wandering around Whole Foods 'in a fog,' and later, he says he woke up at 3 a.m. with anxiety about how to proceed."

Food Network Musings on chicken, well, parts: "Noteworthy moments: Susur admitting that he’s eaten chicken testicles (I don't want that much personal information about chickens) AND that he liked them."

It Happened Last Night on Bacongate: "While cooking, Susur mistakes Tony's pan of bacon fat as garbage and throws his scraps in there. Oops. Especially when the judges claim they would like more bacon taste in Tony's dish."

Creative Loafing on the lack of Simpsons in China: "Susur seemed to get the short end of the stick having grown up in China and not being too familiar with the show, but saved face (pun intended) with a dish that looked like a Picasso-esque effigy of Marge Simpson "

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JordanBaker said...

I would 100% watch the cast of Jersey Shore judging Top Chef. Or, frankly, almost any reality TV competition (are you listening, Tyra? I want an ANTM competition where they see which girl can rock the best poof!).