Thursday, May 6, 2010

ATC Love to Chef Gonzalez

Chef Gonzalez, after your miraculous comeback in the early rounds, you seemed nearly unstoppable. Although your organizational skills were no doubt an asset to your team, somehow helping others in a team challenge wasn't as important to the judges as cooking lots of food. Your crabcake was hailed by James Oseland as a match for Baltimore crabcakes, and Gael loved your roasted corn salad, but that, unfortunately, was not enough.

You leave with the initial 10K won for your charity, the ASPCA, which is a wonderful thing. We at ATC hope to see you around in the future and wish you continued success in your career.

This post is for positive comments about Chef Gonzalez and her food. If you have anything negative to say about Chef Gonzalez, or any other competitor, you may do so here.

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