Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top Chef 6 Bio - Mattin Noblia

AGE: 29
HOMETOWN: Biarritz, France – currently resides in San Francisco, Calif.
PROFESSION: Owner, Iluna Basque
CULINARY EDUCATION: C.A.P. de cuisine in southern France, the Basque Region
FAVORITE SIMPLE SUMMER RECIPE: Grilled Sardines and Fresh Tomato Sauce, or Boudin Noire with Caramelized Apples, or Stuffed Calamari in Ink Sauce over Rice

Mattin is the chef and owner of Iluna Basque, one of the most unique and prominent restaurants in San Francisco. Born in a small village in Basque Country, located in southwestern France, he became enamored with cooking as a small boy while watching his mother cultivate “piment d’ espelette” –Basque chile. Mattin has studied under noted chef Dominique Jolie, and incorporates a fusion of French and Spanish flavors into his cuisine. He admires French chefs such as Hubert Keller and Rolland Passot –but if Mattin could have his last meal with anyone, he would cook a candle-lit dinner for two for himself and Jessica Alba.

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