Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reactions to Top Chef Masters Episode Five

Is it me, or do episodes of Top Chef Masters seem to run less than an hour? More commercials? Or is it less drama? Anyway....

I'm pretty sure that if Rick Moonen had finished and served his seafood corn dogs, he would have gotten enough points to win this episode. I'm rather fond of the guy, ever since seeing him appear on Cooking Live Prime Time (especially the episodes in which Bobby Flay subbed for Sarah Moulton and everyone drank a little too much). He's smart and funny and I got the impression that he was a fab cook. Love ya RM!

Enough gushing. Michael Chiarello. Well...color me surprised. I think of him as a TV cooking show host, not a chef. Oh the taint of the Food Network! But gimme some of that basil gelato....

What did youse guys think? The miniature food/appetizers for 100 challenge was pretty fun, no? Give us your opinion in the comments. Pretty please. :)

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