Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reactions to Top Chef Seattle Episode 11

It's the boys against the girls for Restaurant Wars this year! With Chef Micah eliminated, the men are short staffed, but you know what they say about too many chefs in the kitchen.

The two teams had 48 hours to put a restaurant together. Team Kristen went with her concept of traditional French cuisine with a twist called Atelier Kwan. Team Sheldon followed his Filipino roots with Urbano. The restaurants were assembled at the Georgetown Ballroom. Without a proper kitchen, the chefs had to build their own kitchens in the courtyard. They had one day to buy supplies and prep. The next day, they opened a restaurant.

With Brooke's extensive experience, she was chosen to run the front of Atelier Kwan. For similar reasons, Stefan was running the front of Urbano. While Brooke was the model of hospitality, Stefan's cold, blunt nature shone through, sometimes not even explaining the dishes to the judges. In the kitchens, Sheldon and Joshua kept their cool and ran a smooth service, while Josie once again had time issues with her broth and Kristen became overwhelmed by trying to manage too much. In the end, it came down to good food and bad service at Urbano, good service but questionable food at Atelier Kwan.

At Judges' Table, Stefan was spared the ax because of Sheldon's exceptional food. Urbano won and Sheldon was given a Toyota Avalon. As for Atelier Kwan, the choice was between Josie's poor broth or Kristen's mismanagement of the dishes. Ultimately, Kristen had to take the fall for her concepts and execution.

What did you think of last night's episode? Leave your comments below.

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MoHub said...

The minute in the stew room when Josie said she was going to be PYKAG'd, I knew Kristen was doomed.

I think we all had Kristen pegged for the overall win, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who was shocked at the outcome.

On the other hand, I've been on Team Sheldon from the get-go, so I haven't lost hope yet.

theminx said...

Yes, it would be nice if Sheldon won, too. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and a fine chef. But...Kristen!

Arnie and Melanie said...

Why is Josie still on the show? She is constantly in the bottom!

Anonymous said...

I really question why the judges got rid of Kristen, who shows some class and keeps Josie who has no class at all and throws whoever gets in her way under the bus and Josie never takes responsiblity for anything!! Josie has been on the bottom a lot. I hope this this wasn't done to keep the conflicts going for a better viewer rating.
Really!!! What kind of a message is this sending the fans?? This fan is rethinking how she might otherwise spend this hour.

queenmarie said...

The way Padma was so against K really irked me. They didnt give Kristen credit for Brooke's or Lizzie's great dishes yet they place the blame on her for Josie's many and huge screw ups. I DO think they kept her slug ass just for ratings I really do. I am hoping and praying K comes back and wins it all!!! Love Kristen!!!!