Friday, January 11, 2013

All Top Chef Interview with Micah Fields

Top Chef Seattle contestant, Micah Fields, talks about his experience on the show.

A highlight:

ATC: Are you still working at The Standard in Los Angeles? 

 MF: Yes I am. 

 ATC: I have been there! Is it still yellow? 

 MF: Yes it is. 

 ATC: What is the most popular item on the menu? 

 MF: We actually just changed the dinner menu...we have a lamb rib...our ravioli changes on a daily basis...We also have a "burger of the week" that is very popular. I have been there for about two years, so that is a hundred different burgers. It's been popular and also very fun.

Click here for the full interview.

Click here to learn more about Micah's restaurant 24/7 at The Standard Hotel in Downtown L.A.

Click here to "Save a Chef."

Thank you Chef Micah.

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