Thursday, December 27, 2012

ATC Love to Chef Bart Vandaele

Belgian chef Bart Vandaele called himself a "team player" this episode because he was able to deal with the gregarious chef Josie. Unfortunately, he may also have been a wee bit intimidated by her. He made three of the major components of their roller derby party dish, and they suffered from underseasoning, among other things. While most of the episode was edited to make Josie look like she was going home, it was her partner, Bart, who got cut this week.

Chef Bart - we wish you much success in your career. Make judicious use of the bag of salt Padma promised to send you!

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lou said...

I go to Belga Cafe pretty regularly and never noticed any salt-shaker skipping. But then again I always order the mussels and frites! His homemade mayo is to die for.