Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Masters 4.6

A Just Recompense on traveling: "They travel in two cars: the Happy Car, with Chris, Patricia, and Takashi, all of whom are confident about both their Thai experience (Patricia even lived in Thailand for two years to study the cuisine) and their line-cook skills; and the Sad Car: Art, Lorena, and Kerry. Kerry doesn’t seem that sad, but he’s always pretty quiet so it’s hard to tell. Art gripes about the lack of a Southern challenge, and Lorena doesn’t know Thai but figures she can adapt similar Latin ingredients. The Happy Car dishes about the Sad Car: Patricia is worried Art and Lorena aren’t used to line cooking."

LA Weekly on sexy talk: "Von Teese served as judge for this week's Quickfire, which required chefs to use all sorts of stereotypical aphrodisiac ingredients to create a 'sexy dish.' There were oysters, there was chocolate, there were (edible) roses and Champagne, and many were apparently good. Though not as good as the innuendo-laced banter that went back and forth between the judges, with Von Teese calling Patricia Yeo's chawanmushi and spicy salad a 'soft caress then a quick smack,' and noting that Takashi Yagihashi's oysters 'felt good going down my throat.'"

Grantland on more sexy talk: "Moving forward, as one must, the chefs are presented with oysters, rose petals, chocolate, and other aphrodisiac ingredients to prepare a sexy dish for sexy dish Dita von Teese, whose face always appears in soft focus because she’s a hologram, stupid. Curtis Stone is visibly uncomfortable describing the “arousing aromas” and “sensual feel in the mouth” of the buffet table laden with uni & co., but really, who wouldn’t be? Really? A “sensual feel in the mouth?” Art covers his own mouth at this, because he doesn’t want to get pregnant (or maybe just because he had a precognitive dream involving chocolate in a Quickfire; cue spaceship noise)."

Gossip & Gab on my sentiments exactly: "This may be mean of me, but I’m really happy about who got eliminated tonight: Art Smith. I’m sorry. I just can’t stand anymore of his annoying talk of southern this and southern that. I’m southern too, you don’t hear me yakking about it every three seconds. But I digress."

Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes for the Baltimore Sun on sartorial choices: "The critics are seated, joined by Chef Chutima and her daughter. James Oseland is seriously channeling Mister Rogers with his odd red cardigan ensemble. Maybe he's trying to overcompensate, modesty-wise, for last week's greasy bohunk debacle."

The Zagat Blog on me-ow: "Patrica lived in Thailand for two years so she thinks she's got a major advantage and takes control of this challenge. She assigns Art and Lorena to front of the house, Kerry to expediter and Takashi, Cosentino and herself to the line. Sounds about right, but Lorena is pissed. The tension is brewing and when Lorena leaves her prep out on the stove too long, it boils over. Cat. Fight. Patricia's yelling at her like an incompetent amateur and Lorena's getting all fiery and offended. All the men are terrified. Lorena was already told her food wasn’t sexy today. Hell hath no fury like a sexpot out-sexed."

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